Search Process

We like to call it “The High Tech Ten!”

Step 1: Defining the Search requirements:
Why is the position open? How long has the position been open. What are the critical technical necessities of the role? Written description, compensation plan.

Step 2: Develop a list of competitor companies where the “ideal” candidate will be presently working. Research and identify potential candidates in each company.

Step 3: Initiate the “recruiting” part of the process by contacting both via phone and e-mail all potential candidates with a prepared “commercial” for our client company.

Step 4: Interview and thoroughly screen potential candidates based on client requirements, career aspirations, past successes, and true career motivations.

Step 5: Reference checking. We check references on all candidates, which include but are not limited to past and current supervisors, peers, and friends. This helps us better understand the true character and work performance of each candidate.

Step 6: Presentation of candidate to client. This typically includes a verbal presentation along with resume submittal.

Step 7: The interview process. We are an integral part throughout the interview process to both the candidate and client. We are intimately in preparing both client/candidate as well as the debriefing of candidate/client and providing appropriate feedback.

Step 8: Offer stage. The offer stage could possibly be the most important aspect of the entire search. When a qualified candidate is located and refuses a competitive and fair offer, all parties involved have lost valuable time and put in immeasurable effort. We continuously assess the candidates desire for the position and cover counter offer possibilities through the entire process. This typically ensures a smooth and speedy acceptance.

Step 9: Offer and assistance as far as relocation, resignation and new home search if applicable.

Step 10: Follow up to ensure there is a smooth transition from resignation to integration within the new environment.

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