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"Ross Cooper and High Tech make technical recruiting as easy as possible. They are very aggressive in finding talent and placing talent quickly. The candidates presented are well vetted so that I only see resumes on serious prospects, who have all the qualifications that I have set forth. Further, Ross and High Tech are entirely candid about their candidate's qualifications, perhaps pointing out how a candidate may only barely meet the formal criterion but has such a great attitude that they are worth talking with. Upon agreeing on a possible match, Ross and High Tech have consistently been able to setup a phone screen within one or two days.

The next step in our company's hiring process is a full day of on-site interview, including a presentation to our engineering team. Having worked with Ross and High Tech for a while, they consistently do a great job of making sure that the candidates have the proper information to show themselves as well as possible. I know that candidates will have good directions, an understanding of the local traffic, a sense of the flow and the process of the day, tips for proper dress and decorum, and an understanding of what sort of presentation to make to a sharp team. As an engineer who does some interviewing, it is very helpful to know that Ross and High Tech will take care of all of these logistical details and that my candidate will arrive ready to interview.

During the on-site interview day, Ross consistently follows-up to get a pulse of how good of a match is being found. And afterward, Ross and High Tech are active in helping to close the deal quickly. They even provide a consistent summary of their phone screens for each of the candidates' professional references. Having called a few references for a specific detail on certain projects, I have never been surprised in the response, as the initial summary is consistently accurate. With this information immediately available, we are able to put together an offer with a couple of days of the on-site interview and know that Ross will help to close the deal within the week.

Like every engineer in this economy with limited available candidates, I have too much work to do. I prefer to work with Ross and High Tech because my time is precious. I know that Ross and High Tech will quickly find serious candidates and enable us to hire them with a minimum of time lost to the process."

John F.
MA Client

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