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Celebrating our 25th year recruiting for the semiconductor and EDA industry; Design, Test, Marketing, Applications and Sales.

Ron Cooper CPC

Ron is the founder and President of High Tech Opportunities, Inc.

He has an Associates Degree in Arboriculture, a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Business. He was designated as a CPC or Certified Personnel Consultant in 1987, conferred by the National Association of Personnel Consultants only after passing a rigorous industry training and testing regiment.

He is a past president of the Northern New England Association of Personnel Services as well as a long time member of the board of directors.

Since 1981 Ron has recruited in the Semiconductor industry, first focusing on process and product engineers and later moving over to professionals in the ASIC marketplace as well as ancillary areas such as EDA professionals.

One of his candidates says: “Because of his knowledge of the semiconductor industry, I found that Ron had established a myriad of solid contacts and personal relationships. This literally opened up doors to many opportunities that were nowhere else to be found. On two occasions, I had serious interviews for positions for which no requisitions were open. Not surprisingly, I ended up working for one of these positions!” GG Waltham

Ross Cooper, Vice President - Microelectronics

With nearly a decade under his belt, Ross has proven himself in the staffing of Digital/Analog/Mixed Signal and RFIC Designers Nationwide. His clients include everything from fortune 500 companies to the up-and-coming start ups of the High Tech corridors of Boston, Austin and Silicon Valley. He has established a reputation of being able to source, locate and recruit the “hard to find” candidates.

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